17 Jun

Several Books and Book Chapters have been published and/or are some are still pending for Dr. Faris Almalki. Topics are vary from his specialty in in Satellites Drones and Wireless Communication Engineering Systems, as well as  High Education related topics.

Here are book chapters:

Internet of X-Enabled Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Security for Hyper-connected Societies‏ FA Almalki, SH Alsamhi, MC Angelides‏ Security and Privacy in Cyberspace, 75-100‏ Springer, Singapore2022
10 Blockchain Technology‏ H Mhamdi, BO Soufiene, A Zouinkhi, FA Almalki, H Sakli‏ Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Applications: Social, Economic, and Technological Implications CRC Press2022
Internet of things in the healthcare applications: overview of security and privacy issues‏ SB Othman, FA Almalki, H Sakli‏ Intelligent Healthcare, 195-213‏ Springer, Singapore2022
Revolutionizing Healthcare by Coupling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)‏ FA Almalki, SB Othman, H Sakli, M Angelides‏ Digital Health Transformation with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, 47-59‏ CRC Press2022
Emerging Technologies to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic‏ L Ennaceur, SB Othman, C Chakraborty, FA Almalki, H Sakli‏ Digital Health Transformation with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence CRC Press2022

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