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Brief Bibliography of Dr. Faris A. Almalki 

Dr. Faris A. Almalki is an Associate Professor in Wireless Communication Satellites and Drones Systems at the Dep. of Computer Engineering, College of Computers and Information Technology at Taif University - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He received a postgraduate scholarship in the UK for a period of 7 years from the Taif University Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Interested  in Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Professional Development, and 21st Century Skills.


He holds a PhD in Wireless Communication Networks from Brunel University London.

He holds a MSc in Broadband and Mobile Communication Networks from Kent University. 

He holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Taif University.

Fellowship Leadership Development Program (LDP) by Advance HE in UK. 

Research interests 

Over 30 publications including journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters, in topics related to Low- and High-Altitude Platforms, Drones, Satellites and their application in Ad hoc wireless networks. 

Chairman of workshop and panel discussion sessions in over 15 national and international conferences. 

Projects Funds:

He managed to secure over $200K research fund in the last 3 years that includes:

Research grant in Drones and Artificial Intelligence to combat the COVID 19 pandemic for a period of 8 months at the Deanship of Scientific Research at Taif University (2020) .

Two Research grant in Wireless Communications and Drones for a period of 12 months at the Deanship of Scientific Research at Taif University (2019, 2021)


Reviewer in few scientific journals in Engineering and IT like: IEEE, Oxford Press, Elsevier, Hindawi, and MDPI journals.

Member of IEEE Communication Society since 2015.

Founder & Chairman of Pioneer Ambassadors non-profit organization in London. 

Exclusive Representative of a UK Professional Development and Training Center.

Member of the Saudi Scientific Society in the United Kingdom. 

Certified trainer in Social Enterprise and Volunteering. 

Administrative Positions and Executive Committees (Selected)

Vice Dean of the Deanship of Supportive Studies, Taif University (August 2021 to date).

Director of General Requirement Center (GRC) at the Deanship of Supportive Studies, Taif University (Sep 2019 to July 2021).

Two years in a row, a Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Projects Forum and Exhibition, Deanship of Supportive Studies, Taif University, KSA.

Keynote speaker in a Google Developers Conference “DevFest2018”, Reading, UK.

Presenter and Keynote Speaker in over 60 workshops/ courses. 

CEO of more than 13 scientific and cultural forums and forums in Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Executive Vice President of the National Conference on Computers in Saudi Universities - Taif University (March 2021).

Member of the Quality and Institutional Accreditation Committee at Taif University

Research fellow at  Wireless Communication and multimedia Research Group, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, Brunel University London, United Kingdom. (Sep 2018 to April 2019).

Assistant Professor in Satellites Drones and Wireless Communication Engineering Systems at Taif University ( July 2018).

Lecture in Wireless Communication Systems at Taif University (November 2014). 

Teaching Assistant in computer Engineering at Taif University (June 2011). 

Honors & Awards

Two awards for scientific publishing at the Deanship of Scientific Research at Taif University (2020).

One of the three finalists of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2019-20 in Saudi Arabia for Social Impact Award. 

Award from President of Taif University for forming and coordinating the course of volunteer work and social responsibility (2019).

Awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Saudi Cultural Bureau in the UK to chair two forums titled “2030 Vision and Ambition” under the patronage of the Saudi ambassador in the UK, and took place in Birmingham and Heriot Watt Universities, UK (2018).

Four years in a row, received an Annual Honors Award from the Saudi Cultural Bureau in the UK (2014-2018).

Third prize in 3MT competition - Brunel University London (2017).

Second prize in 3MT competition - Saudi Cultural Berue in London & Imperial College London (2016).

Awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Saudi ambassador in the UK (Prince Mohammed bi Nawaf) at the Saudi national day, in the Saudi Embassy, London, UK (2015).

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